Activate Foods Sponsored Athlete Profile

Activate Foods Sponsored Athlete Profile

Jun 19, 2023Megan Bowden

Activate Foods is without question the best Australian food preparation service that I have ever used. Read more from Pip (Philippa) Malone on our sponsored athlete.

Pip (Philippa) Malone

 Athlete Profile/BIO
Name: Pip (Philippa) Malone
Age: 27
Sport: Olympic Weightlifting – 69kg category
Occupation: Athlete/Coach/Business Manager/Student

My Fitness career began at the tender age of 18 months old in gymnastics. At age 8 I started competing at a National level and by the time I turned 13 I was competing at an International level. I have since represented Australia at an International level in 5 sporting codes: Trampolining, Tumbling, Canoe Slalom, CrossFit and Weightlifting.

I began CrossFit in late 2011 and competed at the 2013 and 2014 CrossFit Games in the individual category. In 2015 I decided to switch focus and discipline to join Olympic Weightlifting. 

I was awarded the 2015 Pacific Games, Oceania and National Champion title in the 63kg category and became a member of the 2015 World Championships team in Olympic weightlifting. At the 2016 Olympic trials held in Fiji I won a silver medal in the 63kg category. I am currently training for the 2018 Commonwealth Games to be held on the Gold Coast where I will be competing in the 69kg category.

Product Review:
Activate Foods is without question the best Australian food preparation service that I have ever used. This service continues to set the benchmark of convenience and taste thanks to their excellent product offering and first-rate delivery service that starts with all meals made by an experienced professional chef and ends with me getting back to training quicker and healthier.

As you can imagine, to a professional athlete, nutrition is incredibly important as it is a vital part of the puzzle that helps me to perform at my best. It’s also quite common for professional athletes to just accept that their standard of “healthy and nutritional” can often also mean “boring and unpalatable”. But Activate Foods has taught me that wholesome nutritious meals do not need to be bland or unimaginative. 

Competing as an internationally decorated weight lifter at an international level is, believe it or not, just one of my jobs. I juggle training full time, I coach classes and help run the business side of our gym, CrossFit Newcastle and in addition to all this I am also finishing my studies. Needless to say, I live and lead an extremely busy lifestyle. 

I’m not proud of the excuse that in the past I was guilty of the bad habit of neglecting proper nutritional needs, the consequence of which had a detrimental impact on my performance abilities as a professional athlete. Thanks to Activate Foods though I now have access to professionally prepared, nutritional, ready-to-go meals that have certainly made an enormous difference to my athletic life, benefiting not only my recovery and training but also boosting my brain power throughout the day.

Recently I went up a weight class which has enabled me to partake in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. I am currently trying to put on body weight to increase my chances of succeeding in the Games. Gaining in lean mass is a critical part if I am to succeed in my goals and it’s therefore important for me to eat clean while trying to eat “more”. 

Activate Foods is proving immensely helpful in keeping me accountable. Having my fridge & freezer fully stocked with clean, nutritious meals means I have no excuse to not eat the right amount of food before and after my training sessions to aid with recovery and weight gain. 

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