A day at the markets

A day at the markets

Jun 22, 2023Megan Bowden

Sydney Fresh Produce Markets

One of the best parts of my job is going to the fresh produce markets in Sydney every week to hand pick all of the vegetables to use in your ready made meals. The quality is incomparable to anything we see in the supermarkets. Broccoli that is so vibrant & green that was cut from the ground less than 24hrs earlier. Crisp carrots that are sweet and crunchy for our stir fry veg & roast dinner. Honestly, it makes the 2am alarm worth it!

I've made some great connections with growers who know exactly what I'm looking for. They know I only want the best and won't accept anything less. Lucky for me these guys take great pride in their produce. They care just as much as I do & love nothing more than telling me all about what's going to be available in the next few weeks.

There's an amazing vibe down there with forklifts moving swiftly between the aisles, growers chatting with buyers and a bit of cheeky bargaining to keep everyone on their toes. Once COVID restrictions are lifted, I encourage everyone to go there and check it out once in your life. It's a spectacle like no other.

With a full load in the van, I head back to the coast usually as dawn is breaking. I pass by all the commuters heading in to Sydney for the working day. I wonder if anyone has one of our meals in their lunch bag ready to fuel them during the day!?

By 7.30am, the van is unpacked and our coolroom is full. Time to get cooking your healthy & delicious meals!

Order yours by midnight Sunday for Monday delivery. For locals, pop in store 7 days a week to see the team in action. We're open on Sunday too until 12.30pm making all of your fresh meals so come and stop by to get your weekly meals ready for the working week.

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