Up Close and Personal With Brando

Jun 19, 2023Megan Bowden

Meet Director and Head Coach of Body By Brando an Activate Foods lover!

With more than 6 years of experience coaching athletes and Sydney siders at his gym, Brandon Hasick or Brando as he is most commonly known, has developed a training philosophy that prioritises perfect movement patterns and building bodies that are functional and aesthetic.

Brando likes to simplify and convey complex information into easy to understand language to help his clients get awesome results and stay injury free.

Brando has also been a regular customer of Activate Foods for over 18 months. We thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to ask Brando a few questions to gain more insights on him and his business and how Activate Foods has made an impact in his life.

Up close and personal - BRANDON HASICK

Tell us a bit about your business and your passion for health, wellness and nutrition?

Body By Brando is a boutique personal and small group training facility in Paddington.

Our unique training and nutrition systems transform the way people look, move and feel.

Essentially, we make sure that our members are looking good and moving towards their goals, injury free.

How long have you been enjoying Activate Foods meals?

I've been with Activate Foods for around 18 months now and loving it.

What made you try them and why do you continue to choose Activate?

One of our coaches had seen them online. Once we sparked a conversation with Marty, we knew it would be an awesome decision for ourselves and our busy clients.

Who would you recommend Activate Foods to and why?

Anyone who loves delicious food and doesn't want to make it themselves haha!

We recommend it to our athletes and clients who ask us what they should be eating and how much.

It nails it on both accounts. Portion controlled meals that you don't have to think about or prepare.

How does Activate Foods activate your life?

Saves me a bunch of time and energy on a Sunday so that I don't have to meal prep.

It also saves me a bunch of money because I don't impulse buy food when I'm shopping.

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