Activate Foods FAQs

What if I'm not home for delivery?

That's ok! Your meals will be packaged in either an environmentally friendly box or a recycled styrofoam box that is designed to keep your meals at a safe temperature well in to the evening. Please leave instructions for our courier as to where you would like it left. Click here to find more information on our delivery page.

Do I need to sign up to a contract or commit to a weekly order?

No. We love to keep things as simple as possible. We offer a buy-as-go service that is as flexible as you are. You can order once a week, fortnight, month or year. It's totally up to you.

We set ourselves up this way becuase we personally don't like being locked in to anything. We understand that plans change and sometimes you just need a few healthy options in the freezer on those busy days/nights when making dinner is the last thing on your mind.

We allow you to choose whatever meals you like to suit your tastes, diet and personal preferences. The control is all in your hands.

Are all your meals delivered fresh?

We offer a range of fresh meals and also a range of frozen meals. Each week we will have 4-6 different fresh options and 8-12 frozen options available for you.

If there's something we hate more than anything, it's food that goes to waste. As we said above, plans change so we want to make sure we offer a flexible range of products that prevents food waste and wasting money.

You can easily separate them using the below categories on the website:



Are all meals 100% gluten free?

We make just about everything in house and anything we do buy in is labelled as gluten free. Being short of being able to guarantee it, we take every precaution to ensure that gluten isn't present in our kitchen. We are unable to guarantee that our meals don't contain minute traces of gluten.

Do you have Vegan meals?

From May 2018, we now have a Vegan range which is super exciting! We have followed the same principles we follow for our non-vegan meals. We have also worked to ensure there is a substantial portion of protein in each serve.

You can find them by clicking on the vegan category.

Our menu is still developing, so please send us any suggestions you have via facebook, instagram or email info@activatefoods.com.au

Can I repeat my order automatically?

Our menu changes frequently so we don't have the ability to repeat orders automatically. The overwhelming majority of our customers find that they want to choose their meals each week and have the ability to only order what they require that week.

When can I pick up if I opt for Click & Collect - Erina?

You can collect your orders the week FOLLOWING your order. Our order period is Monday - Sunday, so you can collect your orders from the Monday following. e.g. If you order on Monday, you can collect your order the following Monday. Our opening hours are available here.

Can I pick up on Sunday at all?

It is possible to pick up on Sunday, but there is a very short window which is why we don't actively promote it. If you would like to collect on Sunday, please call or text Marty on 0405919306 to see if it can work for you.

Better yet, you can just simply pop in without an online order and pick your meals from the instore fridge and freezer. We make all our fresh meals on Sunday so a good time to pop in is between 10.30am - 12.00pm

When can I pick up if I opt for Warners Bay Pick Up?

You can collect your orders the week FOLLOWING your order. Our order period is Monday - Sunday, so you can collect your orders from the Monday following. e.g. If you order on Monday, you can collect your order the following Monday.

Mon - 3pm-6pm

Tuesday - 10am-6pm

Where can I find nutrition information / macros for each meal?

You can find this information in the product photos by clicking on the individual product and on the meal labels.

How do I reheat my meals?

Each meal has heating recommendations on the label.

For frozen meals, to avoid overheating we recommend you allow meals to defrost in fridge overnight prior to eating. This ensures that the vegetables don't over cook.

As every microwave is different, we recommend you heat meals for 2 mins then give it a stir to determine if it requires more heating. If it does, do so in 1-2 min intervals depending on your microwave power level.

Do you have Keto meals or those specific for diabetics?

We offer a range of meals that assist with dietry requirements e.g. Vegan, gluten free & dairy free. Some of our meals are suitable for Keto & diabetics but they weren't designed for that specific purpose. Please review the nutrition panel & ingredients for each product to determine if they're suitable for your specific dietry requirements.