NDIS Participants

NDIS Meal Delivery

  1. Does Activate Foods offer NDIS meal delivery?

Yes we do. However we aren't a registered provider.

  1. How does it work?

We work with NDIS customers who are able to order online and pay for the meals in full. The participant is responsible for being reimbursed by their plan manager or NDIS. We will provide an itemised NDIS receipt after you have ordered, which you need to request.

You are responsible for confirming that your plan will cover meal delivery and you can be reimbursed prior to ordering.

  1. How do I get an itemised invoice?

After you order online, you will receive an automatic receipt. Please hit reply to this email and request an NDIS invoice. These are produced on Tuesdays each week.

  1. Can I just pay my contribution and Activate Foods invoice my plan manager for the rest?

I'm sorry, we don't offer split invoicing. You are required to pay for your order in full and look after being reimbursed.

  1. Can you provide a quote?

Yes we sure can. Please email info@activatefoods.com.au with your name, address, NDIS number and how many meals per week you'd like delivered.

  1. I have more questions, who can help me?

Please email Megan at info@activatefoods.com.au or call Megan on 0404491718