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Brisket with Loaded Mash

Looking for something indulgent? Try our super tender beef brisket, marinated in BBQ spices, and served with a loaded mash of jalapeno chilli, bacon, and shallots. Get ready for a flavour explosion!
High ProteinGluten Free

Calories: 518 | Protein: 48.9g | Fats: 23.8g | Carbs: 24g
Approximate Weight: 385g


Allergens: Contains dairy & preservative 220 from bacon. May contain traces of nuts & seeds.

This is a frozen meal which should be stored in the freezer.

Heating Instructions:
1. Allow to defrost in fridge overnight
2. Heat for 2-3 minutes or until heated through
3. Take care removing from microwave
4. Enjoy