Meet Nicky - Our Brand Dietitian

Meet Nicky - Our Brand Dietitian

Jun 19, 2023Nicole Saliba

Nicky Saliba, our resident dietitian is one of the leading dietitians on the NSW Central Coast. She runs a very busy and successful practice called Eatsense and in between juggling her clinic and seeing clients she is passionate about educating the public about the importance of prioritising their health, eating well and moving their bodies. 

I became a dietitian because I am so passionate about people prioritising their health and investing in themselves. I see so much unnecessary sickness and poor health in my clinic and feel as though a lot of the chronic diseases we see today from depression to diabetes could have been prevented if people were better educated, better supported and had equal access to healthy nourishing food and health services. 

I am also very passionate about drowning out all the nutrition nonsense that circulates on the internet and providing people with scientifically-backed, realistic and achievable nutrition advice. There are far too many unqualified people dishing out advice with the sole purpose of lining their pockets and not helping others.

My main area of expertise is in medical nutrition therapy, or using food as medicine to help prevent, treat or manage a range of medical conditions. More and more research is showing us how powerful nutrients are in preventing many conditions today. I have a special interest in women’s health, gut issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and chronic disease management such as diabetes. Sports nutrition is also an interest area too!

I am a non-diet dietitian who has witnessed first hand the negative consequences diets have on our body, and the many struggles people face today with weight, body image and emotional eating. Diet is a dirty word and they usually only encourage restrictiveness and take all the pleasure and enjoyment out of eating. They also don’t work long term and are actually harmful for our health with research showing they increase the likelihood of weight-gain, binge-eating and depression. I am passionate about helping my clients improve their relationship with food and their bodies. 

My best pieces of nutrition advice include:

  • Don’t follow a diet that has an expiry date, find a flexible way of eating you can sustain long term
  • Follow the 80/20 rule, eat nutritious and wholesome food 80% of the time and allow yourself to enjoy slightly less nutritious foods 20% of the time guilt-free
  • Make the focus of your diet plants including fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole-grains and if you do this you’re going to live your healthiest, happiest life
  • Let go of the guilt and good/bad labels around food as these have only been shown to increase the likelihood of weight gain and overeating

My favourite foods are anything hummus related, eggs, avocado, crispy pan-fried salmon, anything that comes in a nourish or poke bowl, activate foods banana bread and burrito bowl and chickpea tabouli!

 I love being the brand dietitian for Activate foods because I love supporting our local community and Marty and Megan have no hidden agendas or sneaky marketing tactics, they are purely about providing convenient, nutritious and delicious ready-made meals that are going to help fuel your body. 

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